Wireless Security Camera Systems

We are all too aware of current economic conditions that are deteriorating at alarming pace.

Certainly to follow is the increase in property crimes as the rate of burglaries shoots higher. To fend off that crime, consumers and companies alike have to turn toward surveillance systems that they swiftly detect possible threats and prevent crime from happening in the first place. The wireless security camera systems are on the forefront of that technology. They offer truly staggering options to the end users, many of whom might use them for various other tasks including monitoring of pets while at work, or elderly who live by themselves.

Certainly, surveillance methods have been around longer than the old James Bond movies. However, only recently, with the introduction of the wireless security camera systems, have they become practical and truly functional to have one installed on your premises. Recent steep reduction in prices and diversity of offers, as discussed in the text below, give users unprecedented range of choices in improving their security. Furthermore, any wireless system saves users the cost of wiring which can seriously add up.

It is also much more aesthetic as the clients do not have to look at the wires trying to be hidden away, and some of them are so small that they are hardly noticeable. Take for example D-Link DCS-5220 Wireless Surveillance Camera. The package consists of camera with the .05 LUX CMOS sensor which works well in a low light environment. It also has a microphone so client can hear anything that goes around, 4x optical zoom, and the option of motion-triggered recording for the sake of saving storage space. Furthermore, it allows live video viewing that is feed on a compatible 3G mobile phone.

That makes it perfect for users that are often on the road. Retailing for under $300 makes it affordable to most homeowners. And for those that want more, they can always choose D-Link DCS-6220 and DCS-6220G cameras with superior picture quality. Another good option is LW1012 2-Camera Color Wireless Surveillance System with Indoor/Outdoor Night Vision Capability. It cost is almost half of the D-Link model. It is easy to set up, and the slim line receiver connects to TV/VCR/DVD. Its Enhanced Wireless Technology eliminates interface from other devices. Even cheaper still is the Panasonic Wireless Network Camera that allows monitoring using Internet Explorer 6.0 browser or later. Camera output can be recorded to the hard drive or to the web site, and it even has the motion activating feature that sends e-mail once the intruder is detected. Supported resolution is of 640X480 with 7.5 frames per second.

All those options naturally can be used in a multi camera set up, so that not an inch of monitoring space is left uncovered. Sincerely with all the options out there, it is easier than ever before to implement a perfect security system in any residency. So if you get robbed and the thief gets away, you honestly have only yourself to blame.