Home Security Cameras – Are They All The Same?

If you’re not in the know regarding the subject of home security cameras, this might sound like a legitimate question and actually it’s one of the most popular questions that newcomers to the home security scene ask first. Sure, in theory, every home security camera should be the same, as it has the same role of monitoring suspicious activity and scaring off burglars, but in fact there are several types of home security cameras each suited for a particular role. Let’s see what some of the most popular home security camera types you can find out there and find out which one’s most suited for your household.

Wireless home security cameras

Wireless home security cameras are almost a trend these days, since the old hardwired, traditional models are harder to install, maintain and oftentimes ruin the aspect of the entire home. Still, some consider hardwired home security cameras more reliable than wireless ones, since the latter can be easier to interfere with. Wireless home security cameras are also more expensive, but the upside is that maintenance for them is easier as you won’t have to destroy any walls or flooring to repair or replace them, as you would with hardwired models.

Hidden/Spy home security cameras

Although most people will choose to take larger, more visible cameras for their homes in order to scare burglars away simply on their sight, others will choose to be more discrete in order to actually catch the burglars instead of just fending them off. A hidden or spy home security camera is what you’ll need if you’re part of the second category, or, well, if you want to spy on someone for whatever reasons.

Indoor/Outdoor home security cameras

The difference between indoor and outdoor security cameras is that the first are usually smaller, less imposing from a visual point of view, whereas the outdoor home security cameras are built with vandal resistance and protection from weather elements in mind. They are also usually bigger and more visible, as to warn off burglars from a distance that this household is well protected.

Fake outdoor home security cameras

Fake outdoor home security cameras are exact replicas of normal cameras, except for the fact that…they don’t do anything. Their main purpose is to look mean and protective as to scare off burglars and they can be a less expensive alternative for those high powered home security cameras. However, take note that you are taking a risk by buying a fake outdoor home security camera, as an experienced burglar might be able to spot the difference and take your house as easy practice.

Night vision home security cameras

These cameras, as the name suggests, are designed to protect your home at night and they can work in complete darkness. Night vision home security cameras work as normal cameras during the day, offering quality color video but as soon as the light drops below a certain threshold, it automatically switches on its infrared mode. Similarly, when the light comes back on, the night vision home security camera automatically de-activates its infrared mode and goes back to normal video.

As you can see, there are multiple types of home security cameras and it will be your needs and your budget that will determine which one is best for you.

Apartment Building Security Cameras – Product Reviews

Apartment buildings have some of the most severe requirements for surveillance security as any building there is. Not only does the building management and ownership need to be concerned with their own interests protecting their valuable asset and property but also the safety and security of their tenants.

Unless the apartment building is very exclusive where a security guard may be on the payroll, security and surveillance cameras are the main option. If security cameras are not part of your security program at your apartment complex maybe they should be.

A security surveillance camera can be wired or a wireless camera. A wireless security camera gives you much more flexibility in terms of options. Cameras give you range capability unrivaled by any other security tool. A security guard has range limitations that are not problems with security surveillance cameras.

There are many options available of course but the main ones are security/surveillance systems; pan, tilt, zoom dome cameras and IP cameras. The reason these are the best is because they are all networkable and can be viewed from anywhere in the world via the internet.

A complete security/surveillance system is as the name implies a total package with everything included from monitors to wiring if a wired system is used. Anywhere from 4 to 16 cameras are included in one system with a monitor and DVR. Costs can range from $500.00 to as much as $4600.00 for a 16 channel wireless system.

The big advantage with a system is the broad range of coverage you get both indoors and outdoors. The included software splits the screen automatically to give you coverage on all your cameras.

A high speed pan, tilt zoom dome camera is the best and most sophisticated security high performance camera. They have great resolution and magnification with a fabulous zoom lens that varies by brand and model. Some models are available with 360° continuous monitoring and indoor/outdoor uses are both available.

This is the best camera to catch outdoor vandals who would damage your building or damage cars of your tenants.

IP cameras plug directly into your computer or DVR with up to 16 cameras supported. Indoor and outdoor models are available. Savings on hardware and ease of installation are the main benefits of an IP application.

A security camera for your apartment building is great way to solve some of your internal and external security needs.

More Fast Food Restaurants are Using Security Camera Systems to Protect Their Business

Often, a thief or a robber would like to attack a place, which is easier to be looted easily. Because, even these evils also know that most of the places now are covered with round the clock surveillance through security cameras. Moreover, they would not want to select a location, where they are likely to face difficulties in running when the police alarm goes on. Therefore, these thieves are contemplating new options and ideas to accomplish their evil task.

Hence, the fast food restaurants and stores which are opened 24 hours are the easy targets for such robbers and thieves. These places work throughout the day and night where fewer employees work during the nights. There is only one clerk working along with few other employees during the night shift. That is why, it is much easier for the robbers to attack at the time when all the resisting people can be controlled easily. Reaching the money is also simple because the only clerk working during the night, knows if where the safe is located and which the keys and codes are to open the safe. So, by threatening the clerk on the point of a weapon, they have an easier access to the cash. Therefore, the robbers find it very easy to attack during the night and elope with the cash safely.

However, if the restaurant is well-equipped with the surveillance security cameras, the robbers would have a very difficult time to attack on them. Still, if some of them try to invade the restaurant, there identity will be recorded through these security cameras. This will enable the police to nab and prosecute them easily.

Apart from the fears of robbery, the restaurants are also a vulnerable place for arguments and fights between the groups of people. Usually, people come there for relaxation, meetings, and dates. Sometimes, they tend to argue for minimal matters, which may lead to thrashing and fighting between the customers or staff of the restaurant. This becomes a very difficult situation to be handled and leads to vandalism of the property of the restaurant. With the help of the security camera, such incidents can be easily avoided. If at all such a thing happens in the restaurant, the video footage will help to punish the guilty.

To safeguard the restaurant, it is not sufficient to install the indoor security cameras. The outdoor surveillance cameras, which cover the exit points of the restaurant are also important. When the robbers park their vehicle outside the main entrance of the restaurant, the number plate of their vehicles can be caught and noted by these outdoor cameras. Some other unique incidents of robbery have also been witnessed where the robbers hid their face outside the main gate before entering the premises to elude their identity from indoor security cameras. So, under such a circumstance, the hidden outdoor camera will help to establish their identity before their getting disguised under the mask.

Though, the primary task of such cameras is to provide security for restaurants but at the same time, they also do help in watching the activities and behavior of the employees. The good and hard workers will be identified by these cameras with the purpose of motivating and training them. Also, the existence of cameras will control the conduct of workers. The purpose of security cameras should not be understood as the mistrust between the management and employees. Rather, these cameras will help the employees to get rewarded for their good job.

Finally, these security cameras will also help the management to make better plans and strategies in favor of the business. The management will become more able to learn from the past incidents which might have caused a particular damage to the restaurant and its goodwill. Thus, by monitoring the references provided by such cameras, the management can prevent the recurrence of such incidents in future. So, the security cameras for restaurants will help the management to run them more efficiently and effectively.